• IT Hardware Maintenance & Support Services

    Gryphon IT has dedicated and qualified ICT engineers to provide a variety of network support services for businesses of all scale and size. We provide Maintenance & Support Services for Server installation, configuration & maintenance, Exchange Servers,Desktop Laptop &EPOS Support.

  • Hospitality IT

    Gryphon IT PoS is capable of delivering “Legacy” ECR speed along with the advanced flexibility of a PC based product and is a PoS system that caters for NOW and the future.
    An ideal point of sale solution for restaurants where you can combine touch terminals, Android tablets and Smartphones. Using Gryphon IT Cloud Based Android EPOS on a Smartphone or a tablet you can take orders at a table, then print directly to kitchen and bar printers.

  • Voip Telephony

    Gryphon IT has a dedicated pool of VOIP technology can who can consult and then advise you for the most appropriate VOIP solution for your business. We consider all commercial and technical aspects such as , whether you need a single IP telephone handset that can send and receive calls over your existing internet connection or you require a feature-rich, enterprise telephone system.

  • Virtualisation

    Technology is getting more consumer-oriented with the emergence of smart phones, tablets and other devices into our lives.

    Gryphon IT embraces this “consumerism” with virtual computing technology and a vision that:

    • Enables people to work anywhere, anytime.
    • Offers IT organizations greater control and flexibility.
    • Supports businesses to focus on their core operations, and not to worry about IT setup, networking, or technology development.
    • Providing value addition to the business, in whatever we offer.

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    Unlimited Online Backup

    Backup your whole PC or Mac, no matter how many files you’ve got.

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    Simple & hassle free

    Installs in minutes. Automatically backs up your files while you work.

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    View files anywhere

    Log in online at any time to view your files and download them.

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    Your files are secure

    100 % safe & secure. Your files are stored in multiple data centres with 24 hours serveillance