Businesses plan extensively and even spend huge money to plan for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A well planned and correctly executed SEO strategy helps a website gain visibility and rank higher on search engines. It means more visits to site, more leads and hence more business.

Our SEO experts follow best practices for onsite and offsite page optimization for your websites.We understand that the search engines index web pages for keywords, and by tracking the number of incoming links to a website.We plan extensively and do research for your competitors, online directories, community portals and such other resources that we can use, to increase clicks and visibility on your website.

Although a high page rank does not guarantee higher search engine rankings, it is a good indicator of your site’s reputation with Google.

Social media optimization is an outstanding way to promote your business on the web and create strong brand recognition in a very short period of time worldwide. By doing SMO it can help build market reputation and ensure success of your business. Social media has made an impact on SEO and has become a driving force in increasing customer traffic on websites. It provides a vast opportunity to connect with millions of people on the internet. A good SEO company will ensure SMO is a part of the marketing strategy to maximize hits.

Our SEO experts work together with social media team, to plan how best they can use social media to boost website ranking on search engines. No SEO strategy is complete without a plan to leverage social media, with measurable goals.

Gryphon IT proposes SEO/SMO plans that are comprehensive, cost-effective, and result-oriented. It helps you convey an authentic marketing message and right brand value to your customers.