In a recent BBC technology report, it clearly shows that Reputation is all. In the brave new world of the internet, where every comment, photo and errant tweet can follow you indefinitely, things have a nasty habit of popping up again. Digital reputation is now your reputation, whether you like it or not. It’s now the truth about you.
Gryphon IT helps businesses and consumers control their online lives.

By drastically expanding the scope of freely available information, the Internet has fundamentally altered the concept of privacy as well as how people form opinions of anything and, perhaps more significantly, anyone.

Some of the services we consult for include:

  • continually monitors the Internet and requests the removal of personal information whenever it becomes visible.
  • put you in control of your online image by helping you create and promote the positive content you want people to see.
  • help businesses control their Google search results by increasing positive content and blocking false, misleading or irrelevant content.
  • show you how visible you are online, the perception and tone of your presence and how much control you have over information posted about you.