Websites have evolved from merely static web pages to comprehensive Content Management Systems (CMS) based websites. A CMS enables web masters to manage and update websites for text, graphics, media files, documents, social media, and so many basic to advanced features.

Our project managers and business analysts plan CMS architecture for your specific requirements. We plan systems that are secure, scalable, and performance oriented.

Businesses need websites that they can change for text, graphics, documents and media files, anytime, to meet ever-changing requirements of their customers. It is very difficult and a costly proposition to update the site frequently, for such basic changes. A CMS enables businesses to update the site, without any technical skill or programming knowledge.

The back end not only helps businesses to manage the site; there are many additional features that are developed specifically for administrator users. For example, the administrator-users of an ecommerce site can add and manage products and categories, shipping options, payment methods, and generate reports for number of registrations, payments, orders, transactions, and so on.

Our engineers use different CMS such as WordPress, Drupal Joomla, Magento and others, to develop websites for your particular needs.