Timely and accurate communication was never so important for any business. More and more companies are planning for turning to VOIP solutions to improve their telephony systems. Gryphon IT has a dedicated pool of VOIP technology can who can consult and then advise you for the most appropriate VOIP solution for your business. We consider all commercial and technical aspects such as , whether you need a single IP telephone handset that can send and receive calls over your existing internet connection or you require a feature-rich, enterprise telephone system.

VOIP Features

  • Cost effective
  • No separate cabling since VOIP runs on the same cables as your network
  • Software VOIP clients allow you to use computers and laptops as a telephone by using speakers and microphone
  • Industry standard IP phones work, so no telecom operators need collaboration or contract
  • Dedicated hardware equipment for VOIP only
  • Required software can be setup on existing systems and network hence reducing the implementation costs
  • IVR support
  • Voice-mail system
  • Integration with e-mail system
  • Call switching, call routing, hunt groups, pickup groups
  • Flexibility – can integrate with your existing phone lines
  • Scalability – add phones to the system when more lines are required
  • Free calls across different locations