Our engineering team has qualified and skilled networking engineers to offer you a complete networking solution for your business. We prepare comprehensive plans to prepare the network architecture, considering your budget, technology requirements, and the scalability for future expansion.

Once the architecture is approved, we prepare procurement plan to keep it cost-effective, and prepare a master plan. The networks that we plan are secure, reliable, scalable, and are well documented for company’s security policies and IT policies. With the convergence of technologies such as VOIP, data and mail servers.

we ensure that the network is integrated with latest software, troubleshooting manuals, and backed with detailed disaster recovery plans. Our plan includes details. Such as:

  • Detailed user-maps for rights and permissions to ensure security
  • Firewall and security policies
  • Upgrade Schedule
  • Backup Plans
  • Periodic Maintenance Plans

Our engineers are experts to setup physical networking infrastructure including cables, switches/routers, computers, servers, data storage and security appliances either on premise or co-located at data centers and we configure LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks), VPN (Virtual Private Networks) for remote working; we can also introduce visualization and cloud services to your business