Customized Consulting to fit your needs

Gryphon IT provides ICT consultancy services and we help businesses identify and provide resources for their contractual, short or long-term project requirements. Gryphon IT experts develop an understanding of your specific needs and provide the right complement of project management, technical, and development resources to fulfill them.

We offer consulting services based on time & materials engagement model where we provide one-on-one engagements or contracts. This helps us to ensure that offer customized set of IT resources specific to your needs. We have a strategy to plan the resource allocation process and it includes understanding:

  • Your business operations
  • The per-requisites for open position for experience and qualification
  • Your preference for technical skills
  • The desirable skills such as for project management, man-management
  • The remuneration that you offer
  • The availability index of resources that match your requirements

Based on this plan, we prepare a unique Statement of Work (SOW). These engagements can be for minor tasks that may be as short as of few hours, or for multiple phase projects that last for months and years.

We offer consulting services for both contractual assignments and training requirements. Once you agree on the SOW, we conduct the services for agreed requirements either remotely or on-site as necessary (3 consecutive days minimum for on-site).

We screen and identify talented professionals with the domain expertise and business experience to address your wide array of special needs. Examples of consulting services include: System Upgrades and Migrations, Technology Implementations and Deployments, Consolidations and Re-locations, Operations Augmentation, and System and Process Documentation.

A quick look at some of our key Consulting Services:

  • Customized Training Plans and Agenda
  • Business & Technical Goal Development
  • IT Service Delivery Strategy & Planning
  • Best Practice Development and Implementation
  • Operational & Management Method Reviews
  • Implementation and Deployment
  • Infrastructure and Resource Assessment (Analysis and Documentation)
  • System Installation, Configuration, and Technical Support
  • Product Features Discussions
  • Operations Automation Development
  • Testing
  • Third Party Integration
  • Transitional Assistance and Migration
  • Technical Support