An essential part of Security and Occupational Health & Safety, Gryphon IT offer a wide range of solutions for your video surveillance and CCTV needs. We focus on providing our domestic and commercial customers with dedicated security systems that protect their interests.

We can install, maintain and repair any type of CCTV system, depending on your needs and requirements. CCTV is becoming a standard form of security in many places as there are many reasons why a CCTV system is beneficial to your home or business. CCTV alone is a massive deterrent and often prevents crime before it occurs. It is useful for preventing and detecting criminal activity as well as monitoring the safety and well-being of people and property. It is also often the deciding factor on whether or not a conviction results from a prosecution.

Remotely monitoring is available on any CCTV system by a secure monitoring station, it is also becoming more popular for customers to monitor their own systems by way of remote PC or even through a compatible smartphone. For example, you could view the cameras at your business or home any time through your iPhone and even take control and move any PTZ or dome cameras you have installed. This is standard on many CCTV systems and doesn’t cost any extra, the only requirement is an internet connection for your CCTV equipment.

With the rapid advance in technology CCTV equipment is changing all the time and we constantly test and prove equipment to get the best price for our customers.

IP CCTV – An Internet Protocol (IP) camera is basically a camera that rather than delivering footage over analogue video streams (using coax cable) it delivers the footage and other data using the Internet Protocols (TCP/IP Packets). In short, the camera is a little computer system that processes the footage into packets of binary information and sends it across a computer network to a Server computer or Network Video Recorder (NVR) that then stores the footage and allows access to it.

Interested in a DIY Solution ?? We can supply 2 or 4-camera quality solutions at an affordable price.