Running a hotel is a unique business experience since it has its own challenges, complexities, demands, and problems. The Gryphon IT team is well aware of all these finer points in this vertical industry.With our extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, we offer consultancy, strategy, market research, and technology development, for your own independent hotel business.

We listen to your requirements, consider your budget,and plan a solution that can range from fully IT-enabling your management and operation services. We can also offer additional services such as in Internet sales and marketing and guide you to the best way for TCO.

Hotel requirements may vary from businesses to business. It can be for small motel operations automation, or for complete automation of restaurant’s online food delivery and reservation system for a big hotel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal demonstration, we can show you a live implemented solution at our customer venues.

Whether it is for your Hotel Hardware setup, Software Planning and Development, EPOS Systems, Digital Signage, CCTV Setup, Website Maintenance, Online Bookings, Online PR, Social Media Management or any other ICT need, we are here to help you !