Citrix XenServer is an enterprise-ready server virtualization platform, with a full tool set that includes centralized management, live motion, and conversion tools to ease deployment and management of your virtual infrastructure.

And trying XenServer in your data center is FREE. The free edition of XenServer is available with no restrictions, no time limits, and no per-server use limits. It comes with all the features you need to begin virtualizing your servers, or to begin to reduce the cost of your virtual infrastructure if you’ve already started.

Everything You Need

With four editions to choose from, you can be assured that Citrix XenServer has all the critical features needed for your data center virtualization project. And no matter where you begin, all editions are compatible and can be upgraded in place via license key, with no additional software installation or downtime required. You can choose from:

  • Free Edition – Proven virtualization platform that delivers uncompromised performance, scale, and flexibility at no cost.
  • Advanced Edition – Key high availability and advanced management tools that take virtual infrastructure to the next level.
  • Enterprise Edition – Essential integration and optimization capabilities for production deployments in larger enterprises.
  • Platinum Edition – Advanced automation and cloud computing features for enterprise-wide virtual environments.

No matter which version of Citrix XenServer you decide on, you will start benefiting from cost savings immediately. When you use Citrix XenServer to virtualize your data center, you will:

  • Consolidate servers – saving on power, cooling, and even data center space needs.
  • Minimize downtime – reduce the costly impact of failures and protect your systems against disasters.
  • Maximize agility – Gain IT flexibility by allowing the provisioning of new servers and IT services in minutes, not days.

Try XenServer for Free!