Managing desktops is a painful thing. Often, the annual cost of maintaining a desktop PC is more than it cost to buy it. A PC has traditionally been managed as a monolithic block of hardware + the desktop OS + locally installed applications + (in some cases) user-specific profile settings. Management is a never-ending cycle.

XenDesktop can transform Windows desktops into an on-demand service, accessible to any user, on virtually any client device – laptops, thin clients, smartphones, tablets, etc. – over just about any connection. IT can deliver individual applications, or full desktops, without compromising either performance or security.

And XenDesktop’s “FlexCast” technology is the only solution that gives you a range of solutions to fit any use case with a single license model:

  • Virtual Windows 7 desktops (classic “VDI”) for users who need the power an flexibility of a dedicated desktop OS.
  • Hosted Shared Desktops, leveraging Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, to deliver applications and/or desktops from a Windows Server platform.
  • Application Streaming to deliver applications, on demand, directly to client PCs, or to your dedicated or shared hosted virtual desktop – eliminating the need to explicitly install applications in the traditional way.
  • Portable virtual desktops, leveraging XenClient, to deliver a virtual desktop that’s usable even when disconnected from the network, or to give a user access to multiple locally-installed virtual desktops.

And, because any desktop virtualization project is doomed to failure if the users aren’t happy with the performance of their new virtual desktops, it all comes with Citrix HDX technology, for a high-definition user experience that you simply can’t match with any other product on the market.

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