The NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (“ADC”) combines high-speed load balancing, content switching, data compression, content caching, SSL acceleration, network optimization, and application security on a single, powerful appliance. Here are just a few ways that the NetScaler ADC can bring value to your network:

  • By taking the processing load off of Web, application, and database servers, NetScaler can make apps and cloud-based services run as much as five times faster.
  • New requirements for 2048-bit SSL encryption can increase computing infrastructure requirements as much as 30x to get the same performance. NetScaler’s SSL acceleration can drastically reduce the number of servers you need to handle the load.
  • The NetScaler Application Firewall brings application-level security to proactively block attacks on your infrastructure.
  • Application-aware Global Server Load Management brings layer 4 – 7 load balancing among multiple data centers, and can provide transparent failover between primary and disaster-recovery XenApp application delivery centers.
  • The NetScaler platform can also act as a powerful SSL VPN solution, serving thousands of concurrent SSL VPN connections.

In addition to a range of powerful application delivery appliances, NetScaler is also available as a virtual appliance – the NetScaler VPX, which will run on XenServer, Hyper-V, or VMware.