Citrix Access Gateway appliances put the “secure” in “secure remote access.” They can function as a general-purpose SSL VPN as well as providing SSL-encrypted access to XenApp and XenDesktop from the public Internet. When used with Access Gateway Universal user licenses, you can tap into the SmartAccess technology for adaptive policies that change depending on the access scenario.

With SmartAccess, the same user, authenticating with the same credentials, can be given a completely different level of access to applications and data depending on whether s/he is connecting from within the corporate network, connecting from the Internet using a company-owned laptop, connecting from a home computer, or connecting from a public device such as a kiosk at an Internet cafe.

Access Gateway models range from the inexpensive Access Gateway VPX virtual appliance for situations that require support for only a few hundred concurrent users, to the Access Gateway MPX 5500 hardware appliance, that can support up to 5,000 concurrent users. (Customers who need support for more than 5,000 concurrent users can use one of the more powerful NetScaler appliances.)