WiFi Via Facebook Login
Facebook login to WiFi is used more than any other social media platform to allow access to social WiFi. This is really good news for businesses that provide social wifi login, because the simplicity for the user (your customers) is matched only by the marketing benefit to your business.

With the Wireless Social system, when a customer logs on to WiFi with Facebook they will be prompted to Like your business in return for access. This is the first benefit you receive and helps to boost your business Facebook page in Facebook searches. It also publicises your business to your customers Facebook friends.

Your customer can only Like your business once on Facebook, so for future visits you can ask them to post a message of your choosing. All their friends, followers and connections will see that promotional message.
Message Posting Rule

You can choose the messages that are posted by your customers when they access your WiFi, and how often they are posted. For example, in a hotel you would limit the number of posts to 1 per day to avoid over-posting during their stay. If you have regular daily customers you may decide to limit messages to once per week, or month.

For businesses with customers that use them on more of a monthly basis (like restaurants or shops) you may not need any limits as you will be happy for people to post on every visit.

The message can also vary depending upon the time of day and the number of posts a customer has already made.

Example Messages

  • Just got a free drink when I used the WiFi at Hotel – amazing!
  • Enjoying facebook with the free WiFi at Restaurant
  • Wonderful food and free WiFi at the restaurant
  • Loving the free WiFi while the kids play at play centre
  • Great pint and free WiFi…

When your customers login you get these great benefits:

They “Like” , “Follow” or “Connect” with their social network.facebook like4
This promotes your business to all their friends, business contacts and fans.
You get demographic information about the customer
This can include sex, age (within certain bands), number of times they have used your network and much more.
If they choose they can promote your business with a post or tweet (If it’s a subsequent visit access can only be granted if they promote your business – it’s your choice!)
Your customers can promote with your chosen message, or they can edit the message to promote it themselves. This then appears on their feeds and actively promotes your business to all their friends, business contacts and fans.
You are given permission during the process to market to your customers
This includes their email address if available and shared (privacy controls permitting), ability to contact
directly via our portal, email / voucher or social message.